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Patrick Piuze - Chablis - Bourgogne

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Patrick Piuze, a dynamic Québécois vintner, has carved a niche for himself in Chablis since 2000, captivating the likes of LeBron James and Christian Louboutin with his exquisite wines. His journey from a Montreal wine bar owner to a celebrated winemaker in one of the world’s renowned wine regions is a testament to his passion for viticulture. Piuze’s hands-on approach and dedication to natural fermentation have earned him high praise from critics and a strong following, including a notable presence in the U.S. wine scene. His Non dosé sparkling wine, a hit in Quebec, reflects his commitment to quality and innovation in winemaking. With a down-to-earth personality and a knack for storytelling through his wines, Piuze continues to impress both connoisseurs and casual wine enthusiasts alike.

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