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La Rumeur - 24 February 2005 - Le Grand Mix - Tourcoing

View online : https://www.last.fm/music/La+Rumeur

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La Rumeur, a fiercely independent French-language rap group from Elancourt, brought their unapologetic and underground sound to the stage. Comprising rappers Ekoue, Hame., Mourad., Philippe., and DJs Kool M and Soul G, the group stood out for their refusal to conform their lyrics for mainstream media. They relied on concerts and word-of-mouth for promotion, maintaining a subversive edge. Their close ties with groups like Anfalsh and collaborations with politically-charged artists like Assassin and Casey showcased their commitment to authentic, politically-engaged hip-hop. This performance highlighted their unique approach to rap and their significant place in the French music scene.

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