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loïc b.o. - 20 January 2005 - La Cave aux poetes - Roubaix

View online : https://www.last.fm/music/Lo%C3%AFc+B.O.

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Loïc B.O., a prominent Belgian music maker and former leader of Flexa Lyndo, showcased his solo talents. Known for his work in various projects like Bambi Kramer, F.L.A.M.E., and Loïc B.O. and the Frantic Lovers, he brought a diverse musical background to his performance. Celebrating the release of "Million Dreams" on 62TV/PIAS, Loïc B.O.’s show highlighted his evolution as an artist. Additionally, his involvement in Endz added another dimension to his rich musical repertoire, demonstrating his significant influence in the Belgian music scene.

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