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Purr - 2000 - L’Aeronef - Lille

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Purr was an independent French rock band, known for its unique and diverse musical style. The band formed in the 1990s and ceased activity in 2001. During their active years, Purr released two notable albums: ’Whales Lead to the Deep Sea’ in 1997 and ’Open Transport’ in 2000. Both albums were released under Prohibited Records, a very active French underground label during the 90s.

Their music is often described as a mix of pop, noise, jazz, and atmospheric sounds, making it quite challenging to categorize but deeply emotive in nature. The band’s first album, ’Whales Lead To The Deep Sea’, was recorded in June 1997 by Peter Deimel at Black Box Studios. This album set the tone for their style, creating a base of guitar, bass, and drums, to which they added samples, trumpet, and keyboards.

The follow-up album, ’Open Transport’, retained the essence of Purr’s style while exploring new soundscapes. It included electronic sounds, instrumental arrangements, and a distinct approach to vocal positioning in the mix, situating the band at the edge of rock, French "chanson," and experimentation. The production of ’Open Transport’ was handled by Luke Sutherland at Black Box studios.

Purr’s music is remembered for its emotional depth and experimental approach, reflecting a blend of various musical influences and creating a unique sound within the French rock scene.

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