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Prohibtion + Hint - 25 March 1999 - L’Aeronef - Lille

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In 1995, the French music scene was enriched by the innovative noise band Hint, formed in Angers by Arnaud Fournier and Herve Thomas, later joined by sound engineer Pascal Ianigro. Known for their unique blend of electronic, ethnic, and free jazz elements, especially in their last album ’Wu-Wei’, Hint produced influential records like ’100% White Puzzle’ and ’Product Topology’, a remix album limited to 500 vinyl copies. They collaborated with bands like Portobello Bones and Ouled El Rai, and appeared on ’Portobello Amigos’. Arnaud Fournier later joined La Phaze, while Herve Thomas contributed to bands like Fragile and Urawa.

Joining them was Prohibition, a Parisian post-punk and post-rock band formed in 1989 by Fabrice and Nicolas Laureau, with Ludovic Morillon and Quentin Rollet joining in 1993. Known for their distinctive style, Prohibition was a staple of the French alternative scene until their amicable disbandment in 1999. This concert brought together two pioneering groups, showcasing the depth and diversity of French underground music in the late 90s.

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