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Louis Aguilar & Dylan Municipal - Caf& Diskaire - 10 septembre 2023 - Lille

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Louis Aguilar is a talented musician known for his captivating voice and atmospheric music. Influenced by artists like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Bonnie Prince Billy, Louis has crafted a sound that is both dreamy and enveloping. After spending a year in the United States, where he played solo in New York and toured with a country band, Louis returned more mature and formed a band. Together, they released their debut album, "Close you’re eyes, you’re invisible," in December. With Louis on guitar and vocals, Brendan on bass, Nicolas on drums, and Sylvain on keyboards and backing vocals, the quartet creates a unique blend of European and legendary honky-tonk influences.

Dylan Municipal is a musician who has performed with a diverse range of artists, showcasing his versatility and unique style. From sharing the stage with Jeffrey Lewis, Josh T Pearson, Pernice Brothers, Bob Log III, Didier Super, Corbier, to the Candy Boys, Dylan has embraced collaborations with a variety of independent and unconventional musicians. His performances highlight his ability to adapt and connect with different musical styles and personalities.

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