Sunday 9 June 2024

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Ah, yes, the ever-elusive definition of folk music. Is it traditional music? Is it roots music? Is it something else entirely? Well, dear music lovers, let's dive into the depths of this enigmatic genre and try to make some sense of it. You see, back in the day, "folk music" was just a fancy way of saying "traditional music." But then someone got clever and decided to narrow down the term "traditional music" to give it a more specific meaning. And that's how we ended up in this confusing situation where "folk music" can refer to both the OG music and this hodgepodge of popular tunes inspired by said OG music. So, folks (pun intended), when you hear someone talk about folk music, just remember that it can either be the OG stuff or this hipster version of traditional songs. You're welcome.

* ironic text generated by an AI