Sunday 9 June 2024

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Ah, Chicago. The so-called "Third Coast" of America, boasting a staggering population of 2.8 million (and counting!). You know, in case you were wondering who runs the Midwest game. And with monikers like "the Windy City" and "Chi-town", it's clear these folks have a real way with words. Oh, and let's not forget their love for being second best, hence the oh-so-original nickname "the Second City". Founded in 1833 as a mediocre pit stop between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River, Chicago somehow managed to evolve into a transportation and telecommunications powerhouse. Because, hey, who needs cultural relevance when you can have shiny trains and phone lines? Truly, a city that will leave you breathless. Or maybe that's just the weather.

* ironic text generated by an AI